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Freedom Tower-One World Trade Center-Claudia Hernandez painting
Ben Barnes New York
Vista atraves de Urapanes
One World Trade Cen ter New York

One World Trade Center New York. Year 2020-2021, oli on linen, 147 x 130 cms. I have called a great part of my work human architecture. The ralationship between the human figure and the architecture that inhabits; the relationship between the human technical and progress.


This painting is a tribute to the victims of 9/11, and to New York City. Twenty years later 1 World Trade Center, 2 World trade Center, 3 Worl Trade Center and the Surviving Tree are the face of reconstruction and The Soul of Architecture
Port Fox Portugal vird view. Oil on linen.
View of the city through urapan trees. Viceroy 17, urban landscape; vision of nature. Urban landscape shadow and oxygen, a walk through the streets of Bogotá DC in the shadow of the urapans oil on linen 140 x 110 cms, year 2024.
Ben Barnes, New York city urban landscape. Oil on linen year 2014.